Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller

To meet demands of precise temperature control in many laboratory and industrial applications, Laird Thermal Systems has developed the Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller. The NRC400 is a next generation benchtop recirculating chiller that utilizes advanced thermoelectric coolers and high-performance heat exchangers to deliver 400 watts of cooling power and a temperature stability of ±0.05°C.

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Nextreme™ Performance Chillers Offer Energy Savings up to 50%

Modern laboratory equipment requires precise cooling to protect electronics or to control processes where temperature matters. Laird Thermal Systems’ Nextreme™ Performance Chiller Series offers reliable, precise, and versatile temperature control solutions for laboratory equipment – all while lowering energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional compressor-based systems. High quality components, including variable speed motors for the compressor and condensing fan, provides lower noise operation and a higher coefficient of performance compared to competing models.

Photonics Spectra Magazine: Spot Cooling Helps Industrial Lasers and Optics Stay on Point

The increasing demand in many end markets for advanced manufacturing systems that are able to increase production and cut costs have positioned laser systems as an important fabrication tool. High-power industrial lasers can generate outputs in excess of 10,000 W when processing thick metals, generating a significant amount of heat not only in the targeted surface but also in the sensitive optics inside the laser. The temperature of these optics needs to be maintained to achieve peak performance for the tool. 

OEM Perspectives: Recirculating Chillers for Semiconductor Metrology & Inspection Systems


Semiconductor metrology is critical in the semiconductor fabrication process. The complex nature of semiconductor fabrication now requires multiple test stages in between processing steps. Thin film semiconductor wafers are tested using several techniques including ellipsometry and reflectometry. Sophisticated optical equipment is used to inspect for defects as well as for accurate dimensional measurements. Manufacturers of optical inspection systems must integrate a thermal solution for temperature stabilization of optical components.

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Thermoelectric Chillers for Semiconductor Metrology & Inspection Systems


The implementation of automated metrology systems has been a key to achieving cost effective semiconductor fabrication. The complex nature of semiconductor fabrication requires multiple tests between processing steps to inspect defects as well as measure dimensional properties including thickness, refractive index, resistivity and stress of the thin films. Because thermal noise can impact the image resolution of sensitive optical components in automated metrology systems, a thermal management system is required.

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OEM Perspectives: Recirculating Chillers for Low-Power Lasers


Lasers come in many different sizes and power levels. High power lasers are commonly used for brazing, metal cutting, deep metal welds and metal cleaning, while low power lasers can be used for printing & marking, soldering, plastic welding and laser powder remelting. For all laser technologies, OEMs seek advanced cooling of the power source and the laser optics to maintain peak performance and long life operation.

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Thermoelectric Chillers for Low-Power Lasers


Industrial lasers come in various sizes and power levels. Brazing, metal cutting, deep metal welds and metal cleaning require high-power lasers while printing & marking, soldering, plastic welding and laser powder remelting use low power lasers. Temperature stabilization is key to maintaining peak performance for any industrial laser system.

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UTX Series Thermoelectric Cooler

The new UltraTEC UTX Series is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials and can boost cooling capacity by up to 10%. The UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials creating a maximum temperature differential (ΔT) of 72°C. It features a high heat pump density, precise temperature control, reliable solid-state operation, and does not create any noise or vibration.

2021 Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit

Recirculating Chillers Designed for Today’s Green Labs

Today’s chillers are vastly different from their predecessors, offering precise temperature control for laboratory and analytical equipment while delivering energy, size and noise reduction, and environmental impact savings. This versatility allows lab managers to reduce upfront equipment costs and long-term maintenance costs, while increasing lab space and being environmentally compliant.