WLK Series

Compressor-based recirculating liquid chiller

The WLK Series is a compressor-based recirculating chiller that offers dependable, compact performance by controlling the temperature of water or water with glycol (antifreeze) in a liquid circuit. The coolant is recirculated using a pump with high MTBF. Heat from the coolant is absorbed by a durable, compressor-based system and dissipated to the ambient environment. The unit is regulated with an easy-to-use digital temperature controller with push button interface. The unit is housed inside a rugged sheet metal casing. Standard cooling capacities range are available up to 3 KW. However, custom solutions have been designed to remove up to 200 KW of heat.


  • Cooling to below ambient
  • High heat pumping capacity
  • Variable temperature control
  • High temperature stability
  • CFC free refrigerants
  • Long life operation

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