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Title Date Applications Product Section
CP2,71,06 CP2-71-06-L1-W4.5 Thermoelectric Coolers, CP Series Thermoelectric Coolers, CP Series
ET6,3,F1,2020 ET6-3-F1-2020-TA-RT-W6 Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ET Series Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ET Series
OT08,04,F0,0203 OT08-04-F0-0203-11-W2.25 Thermoelectric Coolers, OptoTEC™ Series Thermoelectric Coolers, OptoTEC™ Series
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UT6,24,F1,5555 UT6-24-F1-5555-TA-W6 Thermoelectric Coolers, UltraTEC™ Series Thermoelectric Coolers, UltraTEC™ Series
MRC150-DH2-DV MRC150-DH2-DV Liquid Chiller Medical Lasers, Medical Imaging, Industrial Laser, Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies
SAA-170-24-22 SAA-170-24-22 Air-to-Air Base Station Battery Cooling, Enclosure Cooling, Medical Diagnostics, Medical Storage Chambers Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies