Laird Thermals System’s CEO, Dr. Karine Brand, Inspires Shenzhen Site Employees during the Site Visit

In the month of April, our Shenzhen site employees had the pleasure of reuniting with our CEO, Dr. Karine Brand, after a prolonged separation of three years. Accompanied by the refreshing spring sunshine and a jubilant spirit, the entire team eagerly anticipated this long-awaited rendezvous.

Amidst this busy week, Dr. Brand had thoughtfully scheduled face-to-face meetings with the employees of our Shenzhen site. She also conveyed her genuine appreciation and recognition for the exceptional efforts and contributions of the entire Shenzhen team. 

Let’s take a moment to browse through the photos and details of key events.

On the first day of our meet-up, Dr. Brand acknowledged the strategic positioning and commendable achievements of our Shenzhen site, despite facing challenging conditions. She expressed her hope that every colleague at our Shenzhen site would continue to contribute towards the company's sustainable development while upholding the "LTS core behavours" as the guiding criterion.


LTS Core Values


team achievements



The achievements were celebrated at the annual party. The party kicked off with a review of the challenging yet fruitful year of 2022 by Stanley Chen, General Manager of our Shenzhen site. He attributed the remarkable achievements to the collaborative efforts and excellent work of each team member. “As we look forward to 2023, we are committed to embracing even greater challenges and seizing new opportunities with a fresh mindset!”, commented Mr. Chen. Dr. Brand, also conveyed her utmost recognition and gratitude towards the Shenzhen team, while encouraging all employees to strive for even greater excellence and brilliance in the upcoming year of 2023.


team and individual performance awards







During the annual party, Dr. Brand and Mr. Chen have presented certificates of recognition to our exceptional teams and outstanding employees for their exemplary performance in 2022.








Game section - "Happy Hour", the party was in full swing when our CEO joined the colleagues for this fun game.  The team enjoyed many party activities, including a surprise lucky draw and a fun-filled happy hour!

Company Party

Company PartyCompany Party2













On April 2, 2023, Ms. Brand, participated in the "Run Around Lixin Lake" activity organized by our employee running club. With ease and joy, all runners successfully completed the goal of this running activity. She encouraged more colleagues to join the employee running club and foster a healthy lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise routines into daily life.

Run Around Lixin Lake Laird Thermal Systems













The CEO’s visit has brought renewed optimism and expectations regarding the company's development among all employees at our Shenzhen site. We firmly believe that under the guidance and leadership of our skillful leadership team, the company's performance will continue to flourish steadily. We eagerly await the next reunion!

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