The cooling capacity demands for industrial equipment, such as industrial lasers, liquid chromatography, and semiconductor fabrication, can vary from a couple of hundred Watts to hundreds of Kilowatts with required temperature control ranging from -80°C to +150°C. Laird Thermal Systems offers both solid-state thermoelectric and liquid cooling solutions that address the wide range of cooling and temperature control requirements for industrial equipment. Laird Thermal Systems also has expertise in engineering design services and a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, mechanical and electrical design and rapid prototyping to deliver optimized thermal management for the industrial sector.

Industrial Laser

Requirements for industrial laser systems include accuracy and repeatability. Whether used for cutting, welding, micro-machining, additive manufacturing or drilling, industrial lasers generate a significant amount of heat that needs to be quickly and efficiently dissipated. Laird Thermal Systems' recirculating chillers and thermoelectric coolers offer high heat pumping capacity and precise temperature control for industrial lasers.
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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing allows for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of high-quality final products. 3D printing machines utilize lasers, generating a large amount of heat. To produce high-quality 3D printed parts and ensure a long operating life, electronic components of 3D printing machines require a thermal solution providing precise temperature control.           
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Laser Projectors 

High power laser projectors are commonly used for entertainment applications such as cinema and light shows. To produce high-resolution images, laser projectors require up to 6 Kilowatts during operation. As the laser itself generates heat between 100W and 300W, an active cooling solution is required to control the temperature of sensitive laser optical components and maintain peak performance.
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Machine Vision

Machine vision technology has become widely used in various applications to obtain and process data of a predetermined activity or process. Its use ranges from inspection system applications to collision avoidance and artificial intelligence systems. Since machine vision systems use sensitive cameras and imaging sensors to achieve the highest image quality, an active cooling solution is typically used to maximize performance. Thermoelectric coolers rely on the Peltier effect to keep the sensors below its maximum temperature. 
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CMOS Sensors

Recently, CMOS sensor technology has made advances in areas traditionally held by CCD sensors, such as digital imaging. They have also improved performance in emerging applications including imaging for autonomous systems, machine vision & learning, as well as object detection & recognition. Enhanced CMOS technology proves that the sensors transmit data more rapidly, demands less power, are cheaper to manufacture and have an excellent battery life. However, thermal noise causes CMOS sensors to lose image resolution as temperature increases. Laird Thermal Systems' thermoelectric coolers keep the CMOS sensors from approaching its maximum operating temperature limit resulting in higher resolution image quality.
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Liquid Chromatography

Liquid chromatography is a technique used for analysis of mixtures by separating, identifying, and quantifying their constituent components. Temperature control plays a major role in the liquid chromatography separation process by influencing the interactions taking place between the sample components and adsorbent. Laird Thermal Systems’ complete thermal management systems optimize liquid chromatography equipment by offering precise temperature control, compactness, faster temperature ramp rates and greater efficiency.
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Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Cooling

Thousands of cooling and temperature control systems are installed and operate continuously in fabrication facilities. The critical production tools used in semiconductor fabrication facilities must be reliable and easy to service to minimize downtime. Laird Thermal Systems offers custom cooling and temperature control systems for semiconductor fabrication equipment that are specifically designed to keep these tools running at precise temperatures. This includes heat exchangers, pumps, sensors, thermoelectric coolers, thermoelectric cooler assemblies, thermoelectric chillers, compressors, flow controllers, temperature controllers, and more.
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Industrial X-Ray Cooling

Laird Thermal Systems designs and produces high performance, high reliability, cost-effective liquid cooling systems for industrial X-ray scanners. These robust systems dissipate the large amount of excess heat generated by the X-ray tube, while maximizing machine uptime and minimizing field repairs and maintenance.

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Corrosion Prevention in Cooling Loops

Corrosion occurs in liquid cooling loops due to chemical, electro-chemical, or abrasive action, caused by the heat transfer fluid on the wetted surfaces. This has a negative impact on fluid flow, pump components and can even cause leaks. By using the right techniques and materials, corrosion can be prevented.
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