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Peltier Cooling for Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a revolutionary technology that enables analysis of a tremendous amount of data. 

Machine Vision

Machine Vision can be found in inspection systems where cameras capture and interpret images of a specific process or activity. A number of emerging applications also take advantage of machine vision technology such as artificial intelligence (facial recognition) and collision detection for the next generation of vehicles, robotics and drones.

An essential part of Machine Vision Systems is the ability to capture high resolution images. Low-resolution images will affect the systems’ ability to interpret images. Since image quality deteriorates as temperatures increase, thermal protection is required. To keep the image sensor below its maximum operating temperature, active cooling is the optimal solution.

Laird Thermal Systems Thermoelectric Coolers

Laird Thermal Systems designs and manufactures thermoelectric coolers utilizing the Peltier effect to create a temperature differential (ΔT) to transfer heat from one side of the sensor to the other. 

Offering a cooling capacity of more than 300 Watts in a compact form factor, the HiTemp ETX Series Thermoelectric Cooler is ideal for cooling machine vision applications.

In footprints as small as 3 X 4 mm, the OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series offers high heat pumping capacity for machine vision applications with tight geometric space constraints.

To learn more, read our application note on Peltier Cooling for Machine Vision.

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