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Design Services

Laird Thermal Systems offers services that support onsite concept development, thermal modeling, simulation, mechanical and electrical design. To provide the optimum design solution, our engineers take the thermal, mechanical and electrical aspects of your application into account.

Designing Liquid Cooling Systems

Laird Thermal Systems offers engineering services that support onsite concept development, thermal modeling, simulation, mechanical and electrical design. Designing a custom product can be anything from modifying a standard product from our portfolio to creating a new product. We also help customers worldwide updating existing products to adhere with new performance requirements and industry standards. To provide the optimum design solution, we take the thermal, mechanical and electrical aspects into account.

Why choose Laird Thermal Systems for your Project

Laird Thermal Systems offers one of the most diverse product and service portfolios in the industry. This includes thermoelectric coolers, assemblies, liquid cooling systems along with custom controllers. By offering a complete suite of services including designing, building, testing and manufacturing thermal management solutions we shorten your development time. With our unique project management process (PMP), all project stages will be reviewed, ensuring high quality and on-time delivery. 

How to begin your project

To get started, click Request a Quote, fill out the form and one of our thermal experts will contact you. Once you provide your application requirements we are ready to start designing your custom solution.

What to expect

  1. Our experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers will work closely together to find the ideal solution for your application. They will take all design aspects into consideration such as form factor, performance and power supply requirements.
  2. The design process starts with our own developed product specification tool - the Thermal Wizard. This tool is based on proven thermal calculations and will help finding the right cooling solution based on your application requirements. It will also help determine if a standard product is sufficient or if a customization is needed. 
  3. Your custom thermal management solution will be the result of collaborative work between our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers. In order to find suppliers providing high-quality components at a low cost, they will engage Laird Thermal Systems’ Sourcing and Quality departments. Our Suppliers will also be involved in the design process to find the best technical solution.
  4. We will create your custom product CAD drawing in SolidWorks, one of the most preferred design engineer software.
  5. Simulation tools help our engineers to verify and validate that the design works in the intended application. Laird Thermal Systems can perform radiator simulation, fluid simulation and strength calculations to test the product before a physical prototype exists. 
  6. Laird Thermal Systems offers complete inhouse testing capabilities. Additional testing is performed at external partners such as ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

If you have any questions about our design services, contact our thermal experts. We are here to help!

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