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Thermal Press Releases

Welcome to the Laird Thermal Systems press release library. 

Laird Thermal Systems Press Releases Example
Product Section Applications Date
MSX Optical TEA Laird Thermal Systems Unveils Micro Multistage Thermoelectric Cooler & Optical TEAs Integration Capability OptoTEC™ MSX Series Optoelectronics
economical liquid chiller systems Nextreme™ Value Chiller Family Provides Economical Cooling Solution for Manufacturers of Medical, Industrial and Analytical Equipment Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers Medical X-Ray, Industrial Laser, Industrial X-Ray
micro thermoelectric coolers TECs Laird Thermal Systems Develops Micro Thermoelectric Cooler for Next Generation Optoelectronic Packages OptoTEC™ MBX Series Optoelectronics, Telecom, Optical Transceivers
LA5000 Heat Exchanger for Immersion Cooling Laird Thermal Systems’ Next Generation Heat Exchanger Economically Provides Full-Time Operation for Immersion Cooling in Data Centers Analytical, Liquid Cooling Systems Analytical, Liquid Cooling Systems
water heat exchanger liquid cooling system Laird Thermal Systems Introduces 5000 Watt Heat Exchanger for Industrial Applications Liquid Cooling Systems Medical X-Ray, Analytical, Industrial X-Ray, Industrial
Laird Thermal Systems Alternative Refrigerant Initiative Laird Thermal Systems Launches Alternative Refrigerant-Based Cooling Systems Initiative Liquid Cooling Systems
powercycling-pcx-thermoelectric-coolers PowerCycling PCX Elongated Thermoelectric Coolers from Laird Thermal Systems Speed up PCR Testing Thermoelectric Coolers, PowerCycling PCX Series Analytical, Medical, DNA Amplification
Nextreme-Value-Chiller-for-OEMs Laird Thermal Systems’ Nextreme™ Value Chillers Provide Economical, High Reliability OEM Cooling Solution Liquid Cooling Systems, Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers Analytical, Medical, Industrial
PCR-Thermal-Cycling-calculator-web-view Laird Thermal Systems’ Offers Online Thermoelectric Modeling Tool for PCR Design Engineers Thermoelectric Coolers, PowerCycling PCX Series Analytical, DNA Amplification
Cooling-Digital-Microscopes-NRC400 Laird Thermal Systems’ Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller Ensures Quality Resolution for Digital Microscopes Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies, Liquid Cooling Systems, Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers Analytical