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Thermal Application Notes

Welcome to the Laird Thermal Systems application note library.

Laird Thermal Systems Application Notes
Product Section Applications
Heating-Cooling-Incubator-collage Heating and Cooling of Incubator Chambers Thermoelectric Coolers, Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies, Temperature Controllers Analytical, Medical
Common Coolant Types Common Coolant Types and their Uses in Liquid Cooling Systems Liquid Cooling Systems Medical, Medical Imaging, Industrial, Industrial Laser, Industrial X-Ray, Liquid Chromatography, Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
MSX micro multi stage thermoelectric cooler for image sensing Multistage Micro Thermoelectric Coolers for Miniature Optical Image Sensing Applications Thermoelectric Coolers Digital Light Processors (DLP), Imaging Sensors, Optoelectronics, Lidar Sensors
cooling solutions for rheometers Advanced Liquid Cooling for Rheometers Liquid Cooling Systems Analytical, Medical, Industrial
eco friendly thermal management Eco-Friendly Temperature Stabilization Solutions for OEMs’ Climate Action Goals Thermoelectric Coolers, Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies, Liquid Cooling Systems, Temperature Controllers Optoelectronics, Analytical, Telecom, Medical, Industrial
MBX micro thermoelectric cooler Ultra-Compact Coolers for Next-Generation Optical Transceivers Thermoelectric Coolers Optoelectronics, Lidar Sensors, Telecom, Optical Transceivers
Industrial Laser UTX Image Spot Cooling for Industrial Lasers & Optics Thermoelectric Coolers, UltraTEC™ UTX Series Industrial, Industrial Laser
LA5000 Heat Exchanger for Immersion Cooling Heat Exchangers for Today’s Immersion Cooling Systems Liquid Cooling Systems, WL Series, Water Cooled
Electron-Microscopes-Nextreme-Value-Chiller OEM Perspectives: Thermal Management of Electron Microscopes Liquid Cooling Systems, Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers Analytical, Electron Microscopes
Industrial-Laser-Nextreme-LTS OEM Perspectives: Recirculating Chillers for Industrial Lasers Liquid Cooling Systems, Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers Industrial, Industrial Laser