Laird Thermal Systems has the technology, facilities and expertise to manage the entire prototyping development process for your custom solution. From conception through design and test validation, we will partner closely with you to develop the best thermal solution for your application.

Why choose Laird Thermal Systems for your Project

By offering a complete program management process including designing, building, testing and manufacturing thermoelectric coolers, assemblies and liquid cooling systems, Laird Thermal Systems shortens your product development cycle and makes it less complicated to integrate the cooling device or system into your application. By using our unique project management process (PMP) we make sure your prototyping project will be managed in the most efficient way. With more than 50 years of experience in designing thermoelectric and liquid cooling solutions, we have strong application expertise in the markets we serve today and can avoid common errors that limit life or performance of the device.

How to Get Started

Determine if your application requires a standard or custom thermal solution. A standard product is always the fastest and most cost-effective option, but if you are looking for mass production volume or need an optimized solution for your application, a custom solution may be the best option. Browse our Online Product Catalog or access the Thermal Wizard and enter your specifications to find out if a standard solution is sufficient. 

If you require a custom solution, our team of engineers will work with you to develop an optimized design. Learn more about our prototyping services for various technologies used for your thermal solution:

Prototyping Thermoelectric Coolers
Prototyping Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies & Temperature Controllers
Prototyping Liquid Cooling Systems

If you have any questions about our prototyping service, please contact our thermal experts.