Prototyping Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies & Temperature Controllers


When a standard Thermoelectric Cooler Assembly does not meet your application requirements a custom design may be the ideal solution.

The fastest way to create a custom assembly design is to modify components of a standard unit such as fan, wire connectors, temperature switches, heat sinks, mounting holes, insulation barriers and air flow channels. The thermoelectric coolers in the assembly can also be customized to optimize them for the intended application. Laird Thermal Systems can integrate different heat transfer mechanisms that remove heat through convection, conduction, or through liquid heat exchangers. Our many years of experience have resulted in a large reference library of designs for similar applications, enabling quick prototyping of custom thermoelectric cooler assemblies. Minimum order quantities apply.

Temperature Controller Integration

When combined with a temperature controller, Laird Thermal Systems thermoelectric cooler assemblies deliver maximum temperature control. Our temperature controllers can achieve a thermal stability of ±0.01°C under steady-state conditions operating in both heating and cooling modes. Several advanced features can be added, such as the ability to preprogram different setpoints, alert users of potential errors or provide the ability to program the controller using a graphical user interface.

How to Begin your Project

To get started, fill out the Request a Quote form and our project team will respond to you. You will be asked to send us your specifications, including cooling capacity, size constraints, and available input voltage. These specifications will form the basis of your custom thermoelectric cooler assembly design and work as a checklist during the development process.

What to Expect 

  1. Laird Thermal Systems project team will develop the optimum design for your application. We will also provide expected performance based on calculations and test data.
  2. As soon as the design is approved by the Customer, the prototype will be built in one of our ISO certified manufacturing sites.
  3. When the prototype is ready, customers will have the chance to review and suggest modifications.
  4. In the final stage, the custom thermoelectric cooler assembly will undergo testing in the intended application to make sure it meets all requirements. These can be mechanical, environmental or thermal cycling tests in the case of PCR applications. For all telecom applications we ensure it meets Telcordia standards.

For any questions related to our thermoelectric cooler assembly prototyping service, please contact our thermal experts.