Prototyping Liquid Cooling Systems


For Liquid Cooling Systems, a custom design often yields a more optimized solution. Our experienced engineering team has the knowledge to design a system based on your requirements. To get started, fill out the Request a Quote form, and our project team will respond to you.

Liquid Cooling Systems Capabilities

Laird Thermal Systems has the expertise to design complex cooling systems operating in ambient or below ambient temperatures. These can be compressor or liquid heat exchanger systems with either liquid-to-air or liquid-to-liquid heat transfer configurations. For compressor-based systems we also offer air-to-air configurations. When designing a custom solution, we normally start with a standard product and optimize it for the intended application. Laird Thermal Systems’ custom liquid cooling systems deliver a high coefficient of performance (COP) and have been designed to remove up to 40 kW of heat. Depending on your need, liquid cooling systems can be equipped with options such as coolant filtration, hot gas bypass control, variable pump capacity and flow control, thermal control of several liquid circuits and more. There is also a choice of using conventional or natural refrigerants.

For maximum performance, the liquid cooling system can be equipped with a custom-made or off-the-shelf controller. Our controller technology can regulate all aspects of the liquid cooling system including power supply, fan speeds, and flow rate. By integrating software, parameters can be viewed and programmed via a graphical user interface.

What to Expect 

  1. Our experienced team of engineers will provide the optimum solution based on your application needs. The estimated performance will be provided already in the design stage.
  2. Customers are asked to approve the design before the prototype is built in one of our ISO certified manufacturing sites.
  3. When the prototype is ready, customers will have the chance to review and suggest modifications.
  4. To ensure the design fulfills all requirements it will be tested and monitored in the specified application. 

For any questions about our liquid cooling systems prototyping service, please contact our thermal experts at Laird Thermal Systems.