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With increasing frequency, engineers of all disciplines need assistance in solving their heat dissipation or critical thermal management problems. To solve these issues, Laird Thermal Systems has developed the Thermal Wizard, a product and specification tool that helps engineers finding the optimum cooling solution based on their application requirements. 

The Thermal Wizard can help you

  • Selecting the right thermal management solution to meet specified or unknown cooling requirements (Qc)
  • Developing trial designs to solve “what-if” scenarios and knowing when to engage with a thermal solutions vendor to prototype custom configurations

Whether your application requires a thermoelectric cooler, thermoelectric cooler assembly or liquid cooling system, the Thermal Wizard is a web-based specification and selection tool that links product search to thermal calculators to product availability. It works on any web browser and on any computing platform (PC, Mac, Iphone, Android) running a web browser.

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Device Cooling Calculator
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