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Semiconductor Metrology Equipment

The history of thin film semiconductor manufacturing has been one of constant process improvement. 


The key to cost effective production has been through implementation of automated metrology systems. Traditionally, metrology refers to measurement of any type of physical dimensions. In the film manufacturing industry automated metrology systems measure parameters such as thickness, refractive index, resistivity and stress of the thin films. However, these systems are not only used to track the physical properties of the material, but also to feed this information back into the manufacturing process.
Since many of the thin film properties require temperature stability, thermal management plays an important role in the semiconductor test stage. The need for higher throughput and packaging density in combination with high speed optical or electrical measurement system places ever increasing demands on the thermal management system.

Nextreme™ Thermoelectric Chiller

The NRC400 Thermoelectric Chiller offers high reliability and delivers precise temperature stability of ±0.05°C for semiconductor automated optical inspection systems. Solid-state thermoelectric chillers increase performance and reduce maintenance, lowering the overall cost of ownership.

Find Nextreme™ NRC400 Thermoelectric Chiller or see application notes: 

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