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Industrial X-Ray Cooling

X-ray scanners perform a number of functions in a variety of industries.

X-Ray Vehicle Inspection

X-Ray Cooling in automotive industries

In the automotive industry these scanners are used to inspect new tires, looking for voids and non-compliant materials in the rubber. Motor block inspection is accomplished much faster through the use of X-ray systems that utilize rotating gantries. Industrial components can be inspected with X-ray scanners to quickly determine material structure and potential defects including cracks, voids and inclusions.

Industrial X-ray scanners can generate large amounts of energy, with only a small portion emitted as X-rays – the balance is released as heat. This heat needs to be dissipated quickly for optimal performance and long operational life of the scanner.

Liquid cooling systems provide an excellent solution for dissipating this excess heat. Laird Thermal Systems' liquid cooling systems are self-contained units that recirculate liquid coolant. Depending on the specific application and the amount of heat being generated, different types of liquid cooling systems and coolants are recommended. The pump recirculates the liquid coolant using one of the following mechanisms: an air heat exchanger, a liquid heat exchanger or a recirculating chiller. In each of these, heat is removed from the X-ray scanner system and dissipated to the outside environment.

Liquid cooling systems offer several advantages over conventional air-cooled systems

  • Higher heat pumping capacity
  • Faster cool down
  • Greater reliability
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased system uptime
  • Less noise
  • Smaller form factors


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