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Laser Projectors

Compared to traditional lamp projectors, laser projectors provide sharper contrasts, wider color range and longer life expectancy.

Laser Projectors

Laser Projectors have the ability to project much longer distances, which make laser projectors well suitable for use in cinemas, stadiums and outdoor events. The lasers used in these projector systems can generate heat between 100W and 300W, requiring a thermal management solution to protect sensitive optical components. Both chillers and ambient cooling systems with a thermoelectric cooler can be used to provide temperature stability for laser projectors.

Nextreme™ Recirculating Chillers

Offering a high coefficient of performance, Laird Thermal Systems recirculating chillers can be used for temperature control of laser projector systems. Utilizing high-performance, variable-speed motors, they provide low noise operation and reduced energy consumption compared to conventional compressor based systems. 

Learn more about the Nextreme™ Chiller Series.

UltraTEC™ UTX Thermoelectric Coolers

Even though chillers may be the most efficient solution, an ambient liquid loop system with thermoelectric coolers can be a more cost-effective option. Ideal for spot cooling of laser components, the UltraTEC UTX Series features an insulating barrier and advanced thermoelectric materials achieving higher temperature differential and providing a 10% boost in heat pumping capacity compared to standard thermoelectric coolers.

Find UltraTec UTX Series or see application note on Spot Cooling for Industrial Lasers & Optics

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