Imaging Sensors

Multistage Micro Thermoelectric Coolers for Miniature Optical Image Sensing Applications


Miniature optical packages provide a robust hermetic seal to protect small image-sensing components, including CMOS, CCD, IR, and X-ray detectors. Optical packages, like Transistor Outline (TO) Cans, are widely used for image-sensing applications. For high-end image sensing, micro thermoelectric coolers (TECs) can be integrated into optical packages called Optical Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs). This will provide deep cooling to temperatures well below ambient to minimize thermal noise and capture maximum light spectrum.

New High-Temperature Thermoelectric Coolers from Laird Thermal Systems Cool Optical Sensors in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) use a variety of imaging sensors, cameras and lasers to enhance vehicle safety and create better driving conditions. Most of these optical devices, including CMOS sensors and laser diodes, are heat sensitive and rely on high-resolution images for proper operation. Image quality can quickly deteriorate as the device temperatures rise above 60°C.

Industry TECH DAYS Virtual Conference

Next Gen Thermoelectric Coolers for Optoelectronics

Date: Monday, September 13, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

Complex manufacturing processes require advanced thermal management solutions to support heat removal and temperature stabilization of optic systems in a wide range of applications. For example, thermoelectric coolers provide superior spot cooling for laser optics and power sources to deliver robust, low-power, and maintenance-free operation. 

Thermoelectric Coolers for Security Cameras

Imaging sensors and other sensitive camera components require active cooling to keep operating temperatures below their maximum limit, ensuring high-quality images and long-life operation.
Laird Thermal Systems' HiTemp ETX Series Thermoelectric Cooler offers a high COP, boosts cooling capacity by up to 10% and is tested to withstand temperatures up to 150°C exceeding most outdoor applications.  

Cooling Solutions for Autonomous Systems

Advances in autonomous technologies, such as smart headlights, autonomous systems for collision avoidance, and infotainment systems, require enhanced thermal protection of critical electronics to ensure optimized performance. These emerging intelligent autonomous systems are increasingly complex while decreasing in size and weight. Packing more functionality into smaller footprints has increased the heat flux density and thermal challenges in autonomous systems.

Thermal Management for Optoelectronic Applications

Laird Thermal Systems offers advanced thermoelectric cooling solutions for temperature stabilization of optoelectronic applications.

This brochure provides an overview of products meeting thermal demands of high-temperature optoelectronic devices.

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Thermoelectric Coolers for ADAS Systems

Advances in autonomous technologies require enhanced thermal protection. Thermoelectric coolers provide effective cooling to keep devices below their maximum operating temperature.

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