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As the demand increases for self-service systems with 24/7 availability, outdoor kiosks have become widely used in different sectors including banks, airports, train stations, retail and manufacturing. Located outdoors, kiosks are exposed to varying temperatures from less than 10°C to more than 40°C and are also exposed to rain, dust dirt and humidity. In addition, the demand for faster data transmission   speeds and computer power increase heat load for the electronics inside the kiosks. The combination of the outdoor environmental conditions and the continuous operating heat load results in thermal challenges. Traditionally, compressor-based air conditioning systems have been used in outdoor kiosks. However, new government regulations prevent usage of certain refrigerants in these systems.

For better thermal management, a more reliable and advantageous solution is the use of thermoelectric assemblies, pumping heat via the Peltier effect. With the ability to heat and cool, thermoelectric assemblies protect electronics inside enclosures while limiting moisture exposure and other contaminants from the surrounding environment. They are also environmentally friendly and come in a compact form factor.

Laird Thermal Systems Outdoor Cooler Series is designed for cooling and heating in outdoor kiosks. They can be complemented with the optional Bi-directional Controller SR-54, which cool and heat to specific set point temperatures. 

See application note on Thermoelectric Cooling for Outdoor Kiosks.