Additive Manufacturing

How to keep your additive manufacturing equipment cool

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is finding an expanding role in the manufacturing process. There are many different types of 3D printing methods used to physically create a desired object. In this application note, we will focus on powder bed 3D printing, which uses heat from a laser-beam, electron-beam, or a thermal printhead to melt material together and create a solid object.

UTX Series Thermoelectric Cooler

The new UltraTEC UTX Series is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials and can boost cooling capacity by up to 10%. The UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials creating a maximum temperature differential (ΔT) of 72°C. It features a high heat pump density, precise temperature control, reliable solid-state operation, and does not create any noise or vibration.

Machine Design Magazine: Heat Transfer a Cool Concept

Recirculating chillers deliver options for precise temperature control.

Using liquids for heat transfer is an important cooling method for many applications to maximize performance and operational life for thermally sensitive electronics and systems. As next generation systems feature more functionality in smaller, more compact form factors, precise temperature control has become more critical.

Precise Thermal Management for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing systems must be thermally protected to ensure production of high-quality printed parts and long operational lifetime. UltraTEC™ UTX thermoelectric coolers in an ambient liquid loop provide a cost-effective solution for spot cooling of system components while Nextreme™ Recirculating Chillers deliver precise temperature control for all parts of the 3D printing machine. 

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Thermal Management for Industrial Applications

The cooling capacity demands for industrial equipment can vary from a couple of hundred Watts to hundreds of Kilowatts with required temperature control ranging from -80°C to +150°C.

This brochure provides an overview of our thermal management solutions for industrial applications. 

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Precise Thermal Management for Additive Manufacturing


Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, is an emerging application that is finding an expanding purpose in the manufacturing process. Once primarily used for quickly making prototype parts, 3D printing is now also used to digitize workflow and manufacture production quality final products. There are many different types of 3D printing methods used to physically create a desired object.

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Nextreme™ Recirculating Chiller Platform

The Nextreme Recirculating Chiller Platform from Laird Thermal Systems is the next generation of recirculating chillers. It features high-quality components, environmentally friendly refrigerants, low-noise and user-friendly operation for reliable, precise temperature control of analytical, medical and industrial equipment. This product brochure provides an overview of the entire Nextreme platform.

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