Statement on Product Conformity




Statutory requirements in the European Economic Area

Placing on the market of electric and electronic products is subject to specific regional or national statutory provisions. Within the European Union (EU), these statutory provisions are defined in EU Regulations which are directly enforceable in the member states, or in EU Directives which require transposition into member states’ national legal systems. Conformity with the applicable statutory requirements is obligatory for each party placing products on the market in European Economic Area (EEA). Among others, the following Directives and Regulations restrict the use of hazardous substances in products and packaging:

• Directive 2011/65/EU ("RoHS"), incl. amendments.
• Directive 2000/53/EC ("End-of-life vehicles – ELV”)
• Directive 94/62/EC (“Packaging directive”)
• Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (“REACH”)
• Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 (“Persistent organic pollutants”)

Laird products may also be subject to substance legislation originating from outside EEA, e.g.

• US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
• UK RoHS Regulation 2012 (“UK RoHS”) and UK REACH

The CE mark on Laird products verifies conformity with applicable Directives and Regulations, covering RoHS, product safety, machinery, electromagnetic compatibility, and performance. Conformity of products with respectively applicable Directives and Regulations is stated in individual EU Declarations of Conformity, covering potentially:

• Directive 2014/35/EU (“Low Voltage Directive”)
• Directive 2014/30/EU (“Electromagnetic Compatibility”)
• Directive 2006/42/EC (“Machinery”)
• Directive 2011/65/EU ("RoHS"), incl. amendments
• Directive 2009/125/EC (“Energy related Products” framework Directive) and its implementing measures:
 - Regulation (EU) No 2019/1781 (“Electric Motors”)
 - Regulation (EU) No 327/2011 (“Fans”)

Laird Declaration regarding Substances in Products 

This declaration is issued for Laird products intended to be placed on the market in European Economic Area today or in the future by Laird Thermal Systems or its affiliated companies, respectively, subject to a subsequent declaration that has not been issued yet by Laird. This declaration can be used also for products placed on markets other than European Economic Area, provided that the local applicable statutory requirements are equal to or weaker, respectively than the statutory requirements in European Economic Area. 

•    Laird installed a management system within its company that ensures conformity of Laird products and its packaging with the applicable statutory requirements.
•    Products placed on the market today and in the future by Laird satisfy to our best knowledge the applicable statutory provisions, as well as the applicable product standards (EN/IEC). This covers particularly:
  -  Laird products do not contain the substances listed below above the respective maximum concentration, unless an exemption of RoHS directive 2011/65/EU, Annex III, is applied:

Substances Table

-    Laird products and their packaging do not contain substances restricted by REACH regulation (EC) 1907/2006, article 67 and Annex XVII, or regulations (EU) 2019/1021 on persistent organic pollutants.
-    Laird products comply with the provisions of US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), i.e., they do not contain PIP 3:1, Deca BDE, HCBD, PCTP or 2,4,6- TTBP.
-    Packaging and packaging components of Laird products comply with directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste, and the sum of concentration levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium present in packaging and packaging components does not exceed 0.01 % by weight (100 ppm).

product conformity statement