Nextreme™ Series, Recirculating Chillers

Nextreme™ Performance Chillers Offer Energy Savings up to 50%

Modern laboratory equipment requires precise cooling to protect electronics or to control processes where temperature matters. Laird Thermal Systems’ Nextreme™ Performance Chiller Series offers reliable, precise, and versatile temperature control solutions for laboratory equipment – all while lowering energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional compressor-based systems. High quality components, including variable speed motors for the compressor and condensing fan, provides lower noise operation and a higher coefficient of performance compared to competing models.

Laird Thermal Systems’ new chiller ensures quality resolution for digital microscopes

The advanced design of Laird Thermal Systems’ new thermoelectric-based Nextreme NRC400 Performance Chiller provides a reliable cooling solution for digital light microscope applications. This next generation recirculating chiller achieves 400 W of cooling capacity and a temperature control stability to within ±0.05° C under steady-state conditions to ensure high resolution images and long-life operation with zero global warming potential.

2021 Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit

Recirculating Chillers Designed for Today’s Green Labs

Today’s chillers are vastly different from their predecessors, offering precise temperature control for laboratory and analytical equipment while delivering energy, size and noise reduction, and environmental impact savings. This versatility allows lab managers to reduce upfront equipment costs and long-term maintenance costs, while increasing lab space and being environmentally compliant.

Semi-Therm Presentation

Plan to attend the 38th Annual SEMI-THERM session: Evaluation of Cooling Capacity of Refrigeration System with Limited Charge of R-290, presented by Sang Muk Kwark, Staff Scientist at Laird Thermal Systems.

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Time: 9:10-10:10 AM

Duration: 1 hour

Track 4: Two-Phase Cooling - Session Chair: Felipe Valenzuela

Sang Muk Kwark, Laird Thermal Systems

Thermoelectric Coolers for Projection Lasers

Temperature control in high-power laser projectors is critical to ensure proper functionality, long life operation and crisp image projection. Not only can chillers provide a cooling solution for many projectors, but ambient liquid systems with thermoelectric coolers offer simplified spot-cooling to provide superior temperature stabilization that maintains peak performance of the laser. 

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Nextreme™ Value Chillers Series Manual

The Nextreme™ Value Chiller is a refrigeration-based chiller designed for precise and reliable temperature control of equipment. It can be used in several user applications such as medical, analytical instrumentation, industrial and semiconductor. This family of chillers offer different configurable options for pumps selection, coolant flow control, supply pressure monitoring and filtering. This chiller also uses a semi-closed system for low coolant maintenance. 

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Nextreme™ NRC400-T0-00-PC2 Performance Chiller

The Nextreme NRC400-T0-00-PC2 is a recirculating chiller designed for precise temperature control of analytical instrumentation, industrial lasers and imaging. The NRC400-T0-00-PC2 is a thermoelectric-based recirculating chiller with few moving parts offering solid-state construction and high reliability. It is also environmentally friendly as no hazardous refrigerants are used. Users can easily control temperature setpoints and alarms via the LCD touchscreen display.  

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