PowerCycling PCX Series

Thermoelectric coolers boost reliability

PowerCycling PCX Series thermoelectric coolers provide high reliability for demanding thermal cycling applications. Product series is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of thermal cycles, providing improved performance and long-life operation in testing applications. Products offer a robust construction with a flexible thermally conductive ‘soft layer’ to reduce mechanical stresses in thermal cycling applications. Devices extend the mean time between failure (MTBF) of point of care equipment, lowering the total cost of ownership.

PowerCycling PCX thermoelectric coolers for PCR tests

Point-of-care testing allows medical staff to accurately achieve real-time diagnostic results within an hour, rather than days. PCR-based point of care testing is considered the gold standard for diagnosing COVID-19 because it provides the fastest and most accurate test results. Portable point of care testing (POCT) equipment requires a sophisticated thermal management solution that can withstand mechanical stresses induced by rapid temperature changes.

Modern Thermoelectrics Designed for Point of Care Testing (POCT)


Point of care testing (POCT) aims to bring medical care conveniently and immediately to the patient. The sophistication of medical and laboratory testing devices now enables accurate, real-time diagnostic test results within an hour, rather than days. POCT is addressing the importance for doctors and patients to rapidly receive test results to not only improve patient care, but also improve public health. The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has shown that rapid testing is vital to effectively manage the spread of a virus.

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PowerCycling PCX Series Test Protocol

The PowerCycling PCX Series thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that uses an enhanced module construction to provide long life operation in thermal cycling applications. It is ideal for molecular diagnostics where fast temperature ramp rates are required while maintaining precise temperature with minimal gradient.

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Point of Care Testing

Point of care testing allows medical staff to perform real-time testing in the doctor’s office or at home. This contrasts with traditional medical laboratory testing that needs to be shipped out to a central testing center and take days to get results. Bringing testing and diagnosing closer to the patient is all an effort to improve healthcare. 

Temperature stability within the point of care testing device is the key to achieve reliable results. Because conductivity varies when blood temperature changes, blood sample’s temperature must be accurately controlled.

Thermoelectric Cooler Options

Laird Thermal Systems’ offers solid-state thermoelectric coolers with a wide range of sealing and finishing options for maximum performance in your application. In this brochure you will find all available options for our Thermoelectric coolers. All our products are made with high-grade ceramics and semiconductor materials, resulting in Best-in-Class quality performance solutions.

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Thermoelectric Coolers Catalog

Laird Thermal Systems designs and manufactures thermoelectric coolers which adhere to strict process control standards and pass/fail criteria, assuring our customers receive the best possible modules. Our extensive standard product portfolio covers a wide range of cooling capacities, temperature differentials, input power requirements and geometric footprints. Standard finishing options are available to accommodate alternate lead lengths, lapping thickness tolerances, and moisture protective sealants.

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