Custom Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies for Medical Diagnostics

Temperature stability is vital in medical/clinical diagnostic equipment such as reagent and centrifuge equipment. These machines require a light weight cooling solution with a compact form factor. Thermoelectric coolers used in thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer advanced temperature control in a small, lightweight package, while increasing reliability and lowering maintenance cost. Compared to compressor-based systems, refrigerant-free thermoelectric cooler assemblies deliver a more eco-friendly solution for temperature control of reagents.Custom-Thermoelectric-Cooler-Assemblies-Medical-Diagnostics

Laird Thermal Systems’ space-saving thermoelectric cooler assemblies deliver the temperature stability and condensation protection necessary for reagent storage equipment. Delivering a more optimal thermal solution, custom thermoelectric cooler assemblies are often used to meet the more difficult and challenging application requirements. 

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