Custom Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies for Sample Storage Compartments

Accurate and precise temperature control is important for cell growth in sample storage compartments. Using compact thermoelectric cooler assemblies instead of compressor-based thermal management solutions provide a more efficient and cost-effective option. In addition, new government restrictions of traditional and natural refrigerants central to compressor-based systems make thermoelectrics a more advantageous solution for temperature stabilization in incubators.Custom-Thermoelectric-cooler-assemblies-storage-compartments

Laird Thermal Systems can customize thermoelectric cooler assembly solutions based on specific application needs. Customers usually begin with a standard thermoelectric cooler assembly and adjust the form factor by modifying heat sinks, mounting locations, and air flow passages to work around obstructions. Barrier protection around the thermoelectric cooler cavity prevents condensation issues from impacting thermoelectric cooler assembly operation. 

Laird Thermal Systems expertise enables quick response to design inquiries. Our engineers understand how to modify designs to boost performance and efficiency, optimizing for the desired thermal-management effect. 

For assistance in designing your optimum thermal management solution contact a Laird Thermal Systems expert and shorten your time to market.