Alternative Refrigerant Initiative

lts-alternative-refrigerant-initiativeIncreasing concerns of climate change and new industry regulations are driving demands of more environmentally friendly cooling systems. To address this, Laird Thermal Systems has launched the Alternative Refrigerant-Based Cooling Systems Initiative. By using the environmentally friendly R-290 propane refrigerant, liquid cooling systems can deliver maximum performance and cooling capacity with low impact on the global warming. 

Alternative-refrigerant technology will be introduced in our future product platforms.

A Greener Alternative

Alternative refrigerants are considered the future option for liquid cooling systems due to their high performance and low environmental impact. Today, most refrigerants have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of 0 and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) ranging from ~500 to ~4000. Refrigeration systems using R-290 has an ODP of 0 and GWP of only 3.

Safe to Transport

However, alternative refrigerants can be challenging to transport due to their high flammability characteristics. Through design optimization, Laird Thermal Systems has limited the amount of R-290 in these systems so that they meet international air shipment regulations and still provide a high cooling capacity. 

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Laird Thermal Systems Launches Alternative Refrigerant-Based Cooling Systems Initiative.