Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers

Concentrated cooling for high heat pumping requirements

Thermoelectric liquid chillers cool or heat a coolant in a re-circulating liquid circuit. This solution is ideal for spot cooling where space is limited and a thermoelectric cooler assembly will not fit. Thermoelectric liquid chillers are often used in imaging systems, medical diagnostics and laser systems in the industrial, semiconductor and medical markets.

Heat is absorbed by an external liquid heat exchanger and moved through a liquid circuit by an external pump. Heat is absorbed by the cold side liquid heat exchanger then pumped by thermoelectric coolers through the hot side heat exchanger and dissipated to the ambient environment.

The table below contains the Laird Thermal Systems family of Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers. These thermoelectric cooler assemblies feature a variety of form factors and cooling capacities depending on your application requirements.

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