HiTemp ET Series

For high temperature applications operating up to 150ºC

The HiTemp ET Series of thermoelectric coolers protects critical electronic devices found in high temperature environments such as optical transceivers, LIDAR, DLP and CMOS applications. Offering active cooling for applications operating in temperatures ranging from 80 to 150° C, the HiTemp ET Series offers a cooling capacity of more than 300 watts in a compact form factor. Many sensitive devices, such as Lasers and CMOS sensors are designed into autonomous systems. DLP’s used in 3D machine vision, advanced lighting and projection may also require cooling in outdoor environments where ambient temperatures exceed its maximum operating temperature condition. The ET Series is designed for higher current and larger heat-pumping applications offering precise temperature control accuracy achieving ±0.01°C.


  • High-temperature operation
  • Reliable solid-state
  • No sound or vibration
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • RoHS-compliant

Finishing Options*

  • TA - Lapped / Lapped
  • TB - Lapped / Lapped
  • 11 - Lapped / Lapped
  • 00 - Metallized / Metallized
  • 22 - Pre-tinned / Pre-tinned
  • GG - Au Plated / Au Plated

Sealing Options*

  • RT - RTV
  • EP - Epoxy

* If the thermoelectric cooler with your required finishing and sealing options is not available from the list below, use either the Request Quote button or Contact a Thermal Expert button for ordering options.

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