Laird Thermal Systems
UltraTEC™ UTX Series UTX15-12-F2-4040-TA-W6
MFG Part Number: 387004685
UltraTEC™ UTX Series Thermoelectric Cooler
The UTX15-12-F2-4040-TA-W6 is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials and can boost cooling capacity by up to 10%. The UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials creating a maximum temperature differential (ΔT) of 71.7 °C at Qc = 0. It has a maximum Qc of 125.7 Watts when ΔT = 0.
  • High heat pump density
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable solid-state operation
  • No sound or vibration
  • DC operation
  • RoHS-compliant

Electrical and Thermal Performance

For maximum performance, be sure to orient the CONTROL side of the TEC against the application to be managed and the AMBIENT side against the heat sink or other heat rejection method. The CONTROL side is always opposite the side with lead attachments. Lead attachment is a passive heat loss and less impactful if located on the side that attaches to the heat exchanger.

Laird Thermal Systems
UltraTEC™ UTX Series UTX15-12-F2-4040-TA-W6
MFG Part Number: 387004685

Laird Thermal Systems
UltraTEC™ UTX Series UTX15-12-F2-4040-TA-W6
MFG Part Number: 387004685
Hot Side Temperature
27.0 °C
35.0 °C
50.0 °C
Qcmax (ΔT = 0)
125.7 Watts
129.2 Watts
135.2 Watts
ΔTmax (Qc = 0)
Imax (I @ ΔTmax)
14.6 Amps
14.4 Amps
14.2 Amps
Vmax (V @ ΔTmax)
14.6 Volts
15.1 Volts
16.2 Volts
Module Resistance
0.94 Ohms
0.98 Ohms
1.06 Ohms
Max Operating Temperature
80 °C
20.0 gram(s)

Finishing Options
Flatness / Parallelism
Hot Face
Cold Face
Lead Length
2.845 ±0.025 mm
0.112 ± 0.0010 in
0.025 mm / 0.025 mm
0.001 in / 0.001 in
152.4 mm
6.00 in

Sealing Options
Temp Range
No sealing specified

  1.  Max operating temperature: 80°C
  2.  Do not exceed Imax or Vmax when operating module
  3.  Reference assembly guidelines for recommended installation
  4.  Recommended to be used with a liquid heat exchanger on the hot side

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