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Thermal Technical Library

Welcome to the Laird Thermal Systems technical library. Access product catalogs, datasheets, 3D drawings, product catalogs, application notes, handbooks and more.

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Title Applications Product Section
Digital-light-processors-thermoelectric-cooling Peltier Cooling for Digital Light Processors Digital Light Processors (DLP), Imaging Sensors, Optoelectronics, Transportation, Heads-Up Displays Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ETX Series, OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series
Machine-Vision-Cooling Peltier Cooling for Machine Vision Machine Vision, Optoelectronics, Heads-Up Displays, Industrial Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ETX Series, OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series
cooling for centrifuges Peltier Cooling for Refrigerated Centrifuges Centrifuges, Analytical, Medical Thermoelectric Coolers, Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies, Temperature Controllers, CP Series, SuperCool Series, Tunnel Series
powercycling-pcx-thermoelectric-coolers PowerCycling PCX Elongated Thermoelectric Coolers from Laird Thermal Systems Speed up PCR Testing Analytical, Medical, DNA Amplification Thermoelectric Coolers, PowerCycling PCX Series
PCX-Collage PowerCycling PCX Series Test Protocol PowerCycling PCX Series
PR-59 and LT User Manual Cover PR-59 and LT User Manual Temperature Controllers
PR-59-Frequently-Asked-Questions-Cover PR-59 Frequently Asked Questions Temperature Controllers
PR-59-Serial-Command-Interface-Manual-Cover PR-59 Serial Command Interface Manual Temperature Controllers