Laird Thermal Systems Delivers Thermoelectric Cooling Powerhouse with New SLA-400 Peltier Air Conditioner

Industry leading liquid-to-air thermoelectric cooler assembly offers environmentally friendly alternative to compressor-based systems for refrigeration of medium to large chambers….

November 30, 2020 – Laird Thermal Systems has expanded its SuperCool Series to offer a high capacity liquid-to-air thermoelectric cooler assembly with 400 Watts of cooling power to refrigerate medium to large medical diagnostic chambers. Designed to control the temperature of a liquid circulating loop, the SuperCool Series SLA-400 provides the highest cooling capacity in the industry for its size. 

Measuring just 17.4 x 17.4 x 29.1 centimeters, the compact thermoelectric cooler assembly utilizes the Peltier effect to cool well below ambient temperatures. Advanced solid-state thermoelectric coolers are optimized to pump heat to an integrated, high-performance heat exchanger assembly that dissipates heat more efficiently than conventional heat exchanger technologies. 

Liquid-to-air units offer options for space constraint applications by allowing the cooling unit to be moved to a location where space is available. This is typically away from the center of the diagnostic instrument where temperatures can get warm from surrounding electronics and access to fresh air is limited. Moving cooling unit closer to inlet air vent allows for better heat transfer with surrounding environment.

In addition, the SuperCool Series SLA-400 thermoelectric assembly provides a refrigerant-free alternative to compressor-based systems that is environmentally friendly.  It enables OEMs to meet strict environmental regulations that ban the use of hazardous refrigerants from depleting the ozone layer.

“New medical diagnostic systems have less space available to accommodate a localized thermoelectric assembly for chamber cooling,” said Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. “The SLA-400 frees up space directly beneath a chamber for electronics or allows for double stacking of chambers to reduce the overall size of a diagnostic system.  

A superior insulation barrier is used to protect against condensation from penetrating into the thermoelectric module cavity for applications that go below dew point. The SLA-400 utilizes custom thermoelectric coolers to maximize cooling capacity and premium grade fans to reduce noise. This unit operates on 24 VDC and is designed for indoor lab use environment. Custom configurations are available upon request.

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