Laird Thermal Systems Thermoelectric Coolers Efficiently Preserve Medical Reagents

CP Series thermoelectric coolers offer precise thermal management for biological reagents used in laboratory and medical testing…

October 22, 2019 – In reagent storage systems, thermoelectric coolers offer a more efficient, cost-effective and reliable thermal control method compared to other thermal technologies. Thermoelectric coolers, like the CP Series, provide active cooling below ambient temperatures to extend the life of reagents, keep replacement costs down, and ensure laboratory and medical tests are accurate and reliable. 

Laboratory and medical technicians use reagents to cause a chemical or biological reaction to measure or identify a target substance. Because reagents react differently to temperature, there is no universal temperature storage standard. Laboratory and medical reagent storage systems have different requirements depending on what they are storing and for how long. Thermoelectric coolers, also known as Peltier coolers, are the ideal thermal solution because they offer both heating and cooling capabilities to maintain the designated temperature. The CP Series Thermoelectric coolers from Laird Thermal Systems is designed for precise thermal control, keeping reagents at their optimal storage and testing temperatures. 

Designed for higher current and larger heat-pumping application, the CP Series offers a cooling capacity of up to 125 Watts in a compact form factor. Featuring solid-state construction with no moving parts, the Thermoelectric cooler offers low power, high reliability operation with no noise – all in a small footprint. Solid-state operation also offers design and integration flexibility, as the thermoelectric device can be mounted in any orientation. The CP Series thermoelectric cooler is typically mounted near the reagent storage chamber to closely regulate chamber temperature.

"Temperature fluctuations can affect the life of a reagent, as they may only last a couple of hours at room temperature and this can influence the final test result. The CP Series Thermoelectric cooler optimizes reagent cooling system performance, delivering environmentally friendly and precise thermal management compared to compressor-based systems,” said Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. 

To meet a broad range of laboratory and medical applications, the CP Series Thermoelectric cooler is available in a wide range of heat pumping capacities, form factors and input voltages. In high temperature environments, enhanced module construction prevents copper diffusion and degradation in performance, which can occur in standard grade Thermoelectric coolers.

Laird Thermal Systems has the design, prototyping, testing and global manufacturing services to help integrate Thermoelectric cooling into machine vision applications. Our engineers partner closely with customers throughout the entire product development lifecycle to reduce risks and accelerate time-to-market for emerging applications.

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Thermoelectric coolers preserve medical reagents