One-of-a-Kind Thermal Management Tool from Laird Supports Development Engineers from Specification to Purchase

The Thermal Wizard™ is a Web‐based tool that simulates cooling applications to help select thermoelectric coolers, thermoelectric cooler assemblies, or liquid cooling systems… 

May 16, 2018 – Laird Thermal Systems has launched a comprehensive thermal management tool that helps engineers quickly select the optimum solution for their application. The Web‐based Thermal Wizard™ employs proprietary application calculators to determine the optimal thermal management solutions at the thermoelectric cooler, thermoelectric cooler assembly or liquid cooling system level. Building upon Laird’s popular AZTEC™ thermoelectric cooler simulation software, the Thermal Wizard enables thermal designers to input their known cooling requirement (Qc). If the cooling requirement is unknown, the Thermal Wizard can calculate the Qc based on the defined application: device cooling, enclosure cooling, air cooling, or liquid cooling. 

The Wizard enables easy comparison for integration into customer applications and also provides quick access to product availability, request‐for‐quotation form, and how to order samples. Once a standard product series is selected, the thermal designer has access to multiple input fields for fine tuning electrical and thermal performance curves to produce the optimum solution. If a standard solution doesn’t exactly match an application requirement, the Thermal Wizard captures the user’s requirements to enable the customization of a standard product or to request a custom solution from Laird’s thermal experts. 

“Selecting the right thermal solution for a particular application can be a long and difficult process for a thermal engineer, one that requires many technological and financial trade‐offs,” said Andrew Dereka, Director Product Management at Laird Thermal Systems. “In order to speed‐up and simplify this process, Laird developed the Thermal Wizard to serve as a virtual thermal management assistant so that thermal decisions can be made faster and more accurately. The Thermal Wizard does the heavy lifting, sorting through the data and calculating the performance, leaving the decisions to the designer.”

The Thermal Wizard is available online at the Laird website.