Laser Projectors

UTX Series Thermoelectric Cooler

The new UltraTEC UTX Series is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials and can boost cooling capacity by up to 10%. The UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials creating a maximum temperature differential (ΔT) of 72°C. It features a high heat pump density, precise temperature control, reliable solid-state operation, and does not create any noise or vibration.

Thermoelectric Coolers for Projection Lasers

Temperature control in high-power laser projectors is critical to ensure proper functionality, long life operation and crisp image projection. Not only can chillers provide a cooling solution for many projectors, but ambient liquid systems with thermoelectric coolers offer simplified spot-cooling to provide superior temperature stabilization that maintains peak performance of the laser. 

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Thermal Management for Industrial Applications

The cooling capacity demands for industrial equipment can vary from a couple of hundred Watts to hundreds of Kilowatts with required temperature control ranging from -80°C to +150°C.

This brochure provides an overview of our thermal management solutions for industrial applications. 

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Thermoelectric Cooling for Projection Lasers


Laser projectors used for entertainment applications utilize laser modules to generate 4K-resolution images with a robust color palette and up to 75,000 lumens. While commercial laser projector systems quickly have evolved to be more energy-efficient, these systems still require up to 6kW to generate bright, high-resolution images. This is needed to project in cinemas and large venues at stadiums. Consequently, the high-power laser systems generate a significant amount of heat during operation.

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