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Beverage Cooling

Laird Thermal Systems provides compact, solid-state thermoelectric cooling solutions for a wide range of beverage cooling applications.

Consumer Applications

Compared to standard compressor based solutions, the 12V or 24V DC thermoelectric coolers and thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer superior reliability, design flexibility via vertical integration capabilities, and an overall lower cost of ownership. Thermoelectric coolers operate at lower noise levels and provide a more environmentally friendly solution. When combined with its advanced temperature controllers, Laird Thermal Systems’ space-saving thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer precise temperature control and stability.

Laird Thermal Systems’ long history of providing custom thermoelectric cooler assemblies to the food and beverage industry includes expertise in engineering design services and a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, mechanical and electrical design and rapid prototyping to deliver optimized thermal management for the food & beverage sector.

Coffee Dispenser

Large, pay per cup coffee machines utilize several techniques to brew or prepare coffee. Water can be filtered through crushed beans, a powder can be diluted with water, or syrup can be mixed with hot water. This third technique requires the syrup packaging to be kept cold before use. Customized direct-to-air thermoelectric cooler assemblies such as the AA-060 or DA-075 series, offer superior cooling without creating condensation that can lead to mildew and unsanitary conditions.  In addition, many machines offer milk, half & half and other flavored creamers that must be cooled. Thermoelectric cooling solutions are becoming more popular because of their smaller size and lower maintenance requirements compared to compressor-based systems. In addition, thermoelectric cooling solutions do not use harmful refrigerant chemicals and therefore do not require any field retrofits.  


Beverage Dispensing

Beverage dispensers, like those that use soda syrup mixed with carbonated water, typically require a thermoelectric solution based on smaller size and lower operating noise. In addition, these thermoelectric coolers need to be less than a couple hundred watts, thus a larger and louder compressor-based solution would not be appropriate for this low heat exchange application.


Wine Cooling

Wine is best served and consumed at a specific temperature. Reds are usually served at 62-68 degrees Farenheit, while whites are served colder at between 49-55 F. Restaurants, hotels and other establishments need to offer wines at their specific optimum serving temperature. Today, sophisticated wine coolers can cool each bottle to an independent temperature. Highly efficient thermoelectric coolers offer precise thermal control with low noise and vibration operation to ensure wine is stored and served appropriately.


Water Purifier Systems

Water purification systems reduce particles, contaminants, or imbalances in drinking water, making it safe for everyday consumption. Thermoelectric coolers are used in small water purification systems for both cooling and heating water.

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Laird Thermal Systems provides compact, solid-state thermoelectric cooling solutions for a wide range of beverage cooling applications. To learn more about our offer, read our application note Thermal Management Solutions for Beverage Cooling.

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