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Computerized Tomography (CT)

Medical imaging systems used for clinical analysis and medical intervention provide detailed images on the structure of a body in multiple topographies.

Medical Applications

In computed tomography (CT) X-Ray systems, the tube and detector are rotating at very high speeds around the body during examination to produce a 3D image. 

Thermal management of both the x-ray tube and detector is required to detecting and diagnosing injuries and diseases. Due to the high g-force environment, system reliability is critical. Laird Thermal Systems’ cooling solutions can spin around the patient up to five times a second, creating rotational forces up to 70 G's without impacting system operation.

Custom Liquid Cooling Solutions

Liquid cooling systems are typically used for the x-ray tube due to the high heat loads, and because of the higher reliability and efficiencies gained when compared to air cooling. By experience from working with the market leaders in medical imaging, we understand the application challenges and can develop custom solutions based on unique requirements. 

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