Mass Spectrometry


Mass spectrometers help scientists and laboratory technicians identifying the elements of a complex substance in applications including drug testing, food contamination detection, pesticide residue analysis, isotope ratio determination, protein identification and carbon dating. Medical laboratories utilize mass spectrometry to diagnose nutritional and metabolism deficiencies, identify biomarkers and enzymes, and determine toxic levels of dangerous substances.

Because of the impact test results can have on those involved, mass spectrometry equipment must provide reliable operation and accurate test results while maintaining a stable temperature in the operating environment to preserve sample integrity throughout the process. The process of generating plasma and creating electron beams generate significant amounts of heat that must be quickly dissipated away. OEMs face a number of design challenges when developing mass spectrometers and a compressor-based system with integrated temperature control will most likely be needed to meet the thermal requirements.  

Laird Thermal Systems Solution

The Nextreme™ Value Chiller Series is a cost-effective, low-maintenance cooling solution offering application-specific configurability for mass spectrometry OEM manufacturers. Utilizing high-performance, compressor-based technologies the Value Chiller offers high reliability in a user-friendly design.

Find Value Chiller datasheet or read our application note OEM Perspectives: Value Chiller provides Economical, Reliable Cooling for Mass Spectrometry.