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Radiation Therapy (RT)

Radiation therapy (RT) is the use of ionized radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer by controlling and eliminating malignant tumors.

Cooling for RT

Radiation damages the DNA in malignant tissue, which prevents the cell’s ability to repair itself or reproduce. 

A linear accelerator, or LINAC is used to produce and deliver the radiation beam to the targeted area through a complex system. As the X-ray tube in this system is very powerful it also has high heat load requirements, ranging up to 25 kilowatts. Temperature control of devices within the system is required to optimize radiation beam and destroy as few healthy cells as possible.

Custom liquid cooling systems

Liquid cooling systems are the preferred choice for RT systems due to their high coefficient of performance (COP) and high heat pumping capacity. Laird Thermal Systems has the ability to design custom solutions based on unique requirements of RT applications.

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