MFG Part Number 387009381
WL Series Liquid Cooling System
The LA5000 is a recirculating liquid to air heat exchanger that offers dependable, compact performance by removing large amounts of heat from a liquid circuit. The coolant is re-circulated using a high-pressure pump to assure maximum flow rate. Heat from coolant is absorbed by a radiant heat exchanger and dissipated into the ambient environment using brand name fan. Manual adjustments can be made to control flow switch. Customized features are available, however, MOQ applies.
  • Cooling to ambient
  • High heat pumping capacity
  • Compact form factor
  • Long life operation

Fluid Operating Points
100% Water
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
Thermal Conductance = W/°C
ΔT (Ambient-Coolant)* = °C
ΔT (Outlet-Inlet)** @ 8.3 L/min = °C
70/30 Water-Glycol
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
Thermal Conductance = W/°C
ΔT (Ambient-Coolant)* = °C
ΔT (Outlet-Inlet)** @ 8.3 L/min = °C
60/40 Water-Glycol
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
Thermal Conductance = W/°C
ΔT (Ambient-Coolant)* = °C
ΔT (Outlet-Inlet)** @ 8.3 L/min = °C
50/50 Water-Glycol
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
Thermal Conductance = W/°C
ΔT (Ambient-Coolant)* = °C
ΔT (Outlet-Inlet)** @ 8.3 L/min = °C

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* ΔT (Ambient-Coolant) is the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the coolant temperature that is at the outlet of the heat exchanger during steady-state operation. This temperature difference would initially be 0 and increase to the steady state value under load. This would also be the temperature at the inlet to the application.

** ΔT (Outlet-Inlet) is the temperature difference between the inlet temperature and the outlet temperature of the application at the nominal coolant flow. More flow (application pressure drop less than nominal) would necessarily mean a smaller ΔT.

Technical Specifications
Nominal Cooling Capacity
5,000 W
Nominal Operating Flowrate (60 Hz)
8.3 L/min @ 6.0 Bar
Nominal Operating Flowrate (50 Hz)
7.5 L/min @ 6.0 Bar
Water or Water/Glycol
Operating Temperature
5°C to 40°C
Storage temperature range (w/o coolant)
-25°C to 70°C
Humidity range
20% to 80%
Storage Humidity range
5% to 95%, non-condensing
Input Voltage
200 - 240 VAC
50/60 Hz
< 3.3 Amps
Flow Switch Open
≤ 4 L/min
Maximum Forward Pressure
10 Bar
ANSI / UL / CSA / IEC EN 61010-1 Edition 3
529 mm
565 mm
468 mm
40 kg
Coolant Capacity
6.2 Liters
G 3/8 in
Cooling to ambient
Cooling Particle Accelerators: Linear Accelerators and Cyclotrons
High heat pumping capacity
Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment Cooling
Compact form factor
X-ray Cooling in Industrial Scanners
Long life operation

  1.  Check coolant level regularly. For optimal cooling performance, coolant level should always be above radiator fins.
  2.  Hose selection should be of material and thickness to support pressure resistance and coolant type.
  3.  Manual adjustments can be made to control pressure and flow rate.
  4.  Check pump filter and dust on heat exchanger periodically for cleaning.

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