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OptoTEC™ MSX Series

The MSX Series utilizes advanced ceramic materials, proprietary automation and next-generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling capacity by as much as 10% and assure high process repeatability.

The multistage TECs offer micro footprints on the cold side down to 2.0 x 4.0 mm’s with height thicknesses down to:

  • 3.3 mm’s for 2 stage​
  • 3.8 mm’s for 3 stage​
  • 4.9 mm’s for 4 stage​ ​
MSX Optical

The compact MSX Series is used to deliver deep cooling to well below ambient in high-performance imaging sensing applications including​:

  • Infrared (IR) Detectors​
  • Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD)​
  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors (CMOS)​
  • X-Ray Detectors ​

The applications for this product series tend to be highly customized requiring unique ceramic substrate materials and thicknesses. Two solder constructions are available to accommodate reflow temperatures up to 230°C or 280ºC. MSX is offered in Au-plated pads or uninsulated lead wires for lead attachment.​

Series (Solder Construction)

Model Solder Type Melt Temp
MSX (SnSb) Tin Antimony 232°C
HSX (AuSn) Gold Tin 280°C


Ceramic Materials

Solder Type Thermal Conductivity Option
(ALO) Alum Oxide 24 W/mK F2
(ALN) Alum Nitride 170 W/mK F2N


Surface Finish Options

Solder Type Melt Temp Option
Au plating (Hot/Cold Surface)   GG
Non-Metallized Hot and/or Cold face   11
Pre-tinning Hot and/or Cold face with 118˚C InSn Solder 118˚C 22
Pre-tinning Hot and/or Cold face with 138˚C BiSn Solder 138˚C 33


Lead Attachment

Solder Type Option
Uninsulated leads (2 inches) W2
Au plated Posts WO


Optical TEAs

MSX multistage micro thermoelectric coolers are available as a standalone or integrated into an optical package called Optical TEAs. Laird Thermal Systems has a proprietary bonding technique to adhere TECs to optical packages with minimal solder voiding. Solder types used are below melt temperatures of TEC solder construction and optical packaging is specified by the customer.

Minimal to no solder voidingMinimal to no solder voiding

Optical TEA Capabilities

Surface Finish Options

Solder Type Melt Type
SnInAg 206°C
BiSn 138°C
InSn 117°C


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