CP Series

Ceramic Plate coolers for high heat-pumping applications

The Ceramic Plate (CP) Series of thermoelectric coolers is considered ‘the standard’ in the thermoelectric industry. This broad product line of high-performance and highly reliable thermoelectric cooler is available in numerous heat pumping capacities, geometric shapes, and input power ranges. The CP Series is designed for higher current and large heat-pumping applications.


  • Compact geometric sizes
  • DC Operation
  • RoHS-compliant

Finishing Options*

  • L - Lapped / Lapped
  • L1 - Lapped / Lapped
  • L2 - Lapped / Lapped
  • ML - Metallized / Lapped
  • LM - Lapped / Metallized
  • MM - Metallized / Metallized
  • TT - Pre-tinned / Pre-tinned

Sealing Options*

  • RT - RTV
  • EP - Epoxy

* If the thermoelectric cooler with your required finishing and sealing options is not available from the list below, use either the [Request Quote] button or [Contact Tech Support] button for ordering options.

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