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Title Date Applications Product Section
LTS-Industrial-applications-brochure-cover Thermal Management for Industrial Applications Additive Manufacturing, Imaging Sensors, Laser Projectors, Machine Vision, Optoelectronics, Industrial X-Ray, Industrial, Industrial Laser
CP08,127,06 CP08-127-06-L1-W4.5 CP Series Thermoelectric Coolers
SH10,125,05 SH14-125-045-L1-W4.5 Thermoelectric Coolers, Annular Series Thermoelectric Coolers, Annular Series
ET9,3,F1,3030 ET9-3-F1-3030-TA-RT-W6 Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ET Series Thermoelectric Coolers, HiTemp ET Series
PCX15.6-19-F2-4040-TA-RT-W6 DNA Amplification Thermoelectric Coolers
OT12,62,F3,1211 OT12-62-F3-1211-11-W2.25 Thermoelectric Coolers, OptoTEC™ Series Thermoelectric Coolers, OptoTEC™ Series
Environmental, Health and Safety