Online Thermoelectric Modelling Tool for PCR Design Engineers

Laird Thermal Systems has launched an online simulation tool for PCR thermal cycling applications. Thermoelectric coolers produced for thermal cycling, such as the PowerCycling PCX Series, are utilised for Real-Time PCR to precisely temperature control DNA amplification to three temperature set points. Constructed with next-generation thermoelectric material, the series offers faster ramp rates and higher reliability than conventional thermoelectric coolers to notably extend field use of molecular diagnostic devices.

Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller

To meet demands of precise temperature control in many laboratory and industrial applications, Laird Thermal Systems has developed the Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller. The NRC400 is a next generation benchtop recirculating chiller that utilizes advanced thermoelectric coolers and high-performance heat exchangers to deliver 400 watts of cooling power and a temperature stability of ±0.05°C.

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Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometers help scientists and laboratory technicians identifying the elements of a complex substance in applications including drug testing, food contamination detection, pesticide residue analysis, isotope ratio determination, protein identification and carbon dating. Medical laboratories utilize mass spectrometry to diagnose nutritional and metabolism deficiencies, identify biomarkers and enzymes, and determine toxic levels of dangerous substances.

Nextreme™ Chillers for Biotech Research

Digital microscopes utilizing CCD or CMOS sensor-based cameras need to maintain very precise temperature control to provide high resolution images and ensure long-life operation of the device. Delivering a cooling capacity of 400 Watts and a temperature stability of ±0.05°C, the NRC400 Recirculating Chiller exceeds requirements for microscopy imaging applications.

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Nextreme™ Performance Chillers Offer Energy Savings up to 50%

Modern laboratory equipment requires precise cooling to protect electronics or to control processes where temperature matters. Laird Thermal Systems’ Nextreme™ Performance Chiller Series offers reliable, precise, and versatile temperature control solutions for laboratory equipment – all while lowering energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional compressor-based systems. High quality components, including variable speed motors for the compressor and condensing fan, provides lower noise operation and a higher coefficient of performance compared to competing models.

Thermoelectric coolers boost reliability

PowerCycling PCX Series thermoelectric coolers provide high reliability for demanding thermal cycling applications. Product series is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of thermal cycles, providing improved performance and long-life operation in testing applications. Products offer a robust construction with a flexible thermally conductive ‘soft layer’ to reduce mechanical stresses in thermal cycling applications. Devices extend the mean time between failure (MTBF) of point of care equipment, lowering the total cost of ownership.

PowerCycling PCX thermoelectric coolers for PCR tests

Point-of-care testing allows medical staff to accurately achieve real-time diagnostic results within an hour, rather than days. PCR-based point of care testing is considered the gold standard for diagnosing COVID-19 because it provides the fastest and most accurate test results. Portable point of care testing (POCT) equipment requires a sophisticated thermal management solution that can withstand mechanical stresses induced by rapid temperature changes.