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Common Coolant Types and their Uses in Liquid Cooling Systems


As power densities and thermal loads continue to increase in crowded electronic systems, and specific analytical and diagnostic testing processes demand more temperature stabilization for improved accuracy and results, more equipment designers, R&D labs and diagnostic laboratories are turning to liquid cooling solutions for better thermal management. Optimal cooling fluids improve accuracy of results, improve equipment performance, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, ensure safety and can help meet environmental compliance.

UTX Series Thermoelectric Cooler

The new UltraTEC UTX Series is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials and can boost cooling capacity by up to 10%. The UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials creating a maximum temperature differential (ΔT) of 72°C. It features a high heat pump density, precise temperature control, reliable solid-state operation, and does not create any noise or vibration.

2021 Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit

Recirculating Chillers Designed for Today’s Green Labs

Today’s chillers are vastly different from their predecessors, offering precise temperature control for laboratory and analytical equipment while delivering energy, size and noise reduction, and environmental impact savings. This versatility allows lab managers to reduce upfront equipment costs and long-term maintenance costs, while increasing lab space and being environmentally compliant.

Spot Cooling for Industrial Lasers

Industrial laser applications require a stable temperature to ensure maximum performance. Thermoelectric coolers provide spot cooling for laser optics to deliver robust, low-power and maintenance-free operation. By utilizing advanced thermoelectric materials, the UltraTEC™ UTX Series achieves greater heat pumping capacity and a higher thermal insulating barrier compared to standard semiconductor materials, making it ideal for spot cooling of industrial laser applications.

Nextreme Thermoelectric Chiller for Low Power Lasers

Temperature stabilization is key to maintaining peak performance for any industrial laser system. With a cooling capacity of up to 400 Watts and a temperature stability to within ±0.05°C of the set point temperature, the NRC400 Nextreme Performance Chiller is ideal for cooling low-power laser applications. 

Spot Cooling for Industrial Lasers & Optics


With an increasing demand for advanced industrial manufacturing, laser systems have become the most important fabrication tool. While high powered lasers such as CO2 lasers are used for coarse cuts of metals, ultrafast lasers are used for fine cuts and polishing of semiconductor materials. Fiber lasers have the versatility to do both. In today’s consumer electronics, electrification of vehicles and green energy are driving the need for advanced laser machining and additive machining of complex materials.

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Spot Cooling for Industrial Lasers

Industrial laser applications require precise temperature control for maximum performance. Temperature changes distort laser wavelength resulting in poor welding or less precise cutting. UltraTEC™ UTX Thermoelectric Coolers provide spot cooling for industrial lasers systems to deliver robust, low-power and maintenance-free operation. 

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OEM Perspectives: Recirculating Chillers for Industrial Lasers


Industrial lasers are used for a wide range of applications including cutting, welding, micro-machining, additive manufacturing and drilling. No matter the application, industrial laser systems generate a significant amount of heat. There are several different types of industrial laser technologies, ultimately distinguished by the power density of the laser and its use. For all laser technologies, OEMs seek advanced cooling of the power source and the laser optics.

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