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Security Cameras

Increasing concerns about public safety and security are driving demands for video surveillance equipment.

Security Camera

CCTV and IP security cameras are being installed in public areas to prevent crime and increase safety while thermal cameras are used for boarder and facility security at night. 

Due to sun exposure and heat generated by surrounding components, the operating temperature of security cameras can be as high as 90°C. Lack of airflow, outgassing and thermal noise are other thermal challenges that needs to be taken into consideration when designing cameras for outdoor environments. 

To ensure high-resolution images and prevent system failure, active cooling of sensitive camera components is required. Laird Thermal Systems™ HiTemp ETX Series of thermoelectric coolers can survive temperatures up to 150⁰C and is ideal for cooling outdoor security cameras. The module is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials, offering a 10% boost in cooling capacity compared to standard thermoelectric coolers. 

Find HiTemp ETX Series or see application note on Thermoelectric Cooling for Security Cameras.

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