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Base Station Battery Cooling

When the power to a cellular antenna tower runs out, emergency batteries provide power for up to six hours.

Cell Base Station Building and AA-480

Battery life is significantly reduced by exposure to temperatures outside the optimal range. Long life operation is required in wireless base station and cell tower applications to maximize uptime and maintain low cost of ownership. Laird Thermal Systems’ AA-480 Outdoor Cooler Series protects critical telecommunication cabinets, energy storage systems and back-up battery systems by providing greater cooling power and increased reliability versus other units currently on the market.

Maximum uptime and lower operating costs

The AA-480 Series can operate for much longer with less power consumption than previously designed thermoelectric based cooling units, ensuring more reliable cellular coverage during power outages. They do not only deliver long life operation with maximum uptime, but also lower the total cost of ownership. Ideal for new and retrofit mobile base station and cell tower projects, the small, energy efficient AA-480 Series can replace bulky, more expensive cooling units — lowering operating costs and saving time on maintenance.

With 480 Watts of cooling power and a Coefficient of Performance (COP) rating of 1, the AA-480 Series thermoelectric cooler assembly has nearly 50% more efficiency than standard air-to-air units offered today. This saves installation and maintenance costs for users as well as space inside mobile base station and cell tower cabinets.

The AA-480 Series thermoelectric cooler assembly has been designed to pass rigorous Telcordia test requirements for outdoor environments and the gaskets, connectors and fans provide a NEMA 4 seal for the enclosure. With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C and robust, steady-state construction, the AA-480 outdoor cooler is tested up to 100K power cycles.

Key System Features

  • Input power accommodates a nominal/float voltage of 24/28 or 48/56 VDC
  • Environmentally friendly solid-state operation with no CFC refrigerants
  • Fans can be controlled for reduced noise
  • Cooling and heating in the same unit to maintain compact form factor.

Find AA-480 Series Outdoor Cooler

Temperature control of sensitive telecom electronics in unattended mobile base stations and cell towers is vital for the operation of primary and back-up systems. Cooling systems must protect critical telecommunication cabinets, energy storage systems and back-up battery systems. Learn more by reading our application notes on Cooling for Mobile Base Stations and Cell Towers and Energy Storage System Cooling

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