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OptoTEC™ MBX Series

The MBX Series of micro thermoelectric coolers support high-temperature applications with compact geometric space constraints. MBX delivers precise temperature stabilization under changing environmental conditions.

micro thermoelectric coolers TECs

The MBX Series offers micro footprints as small as 1.6 x 1.6mm with thicknesses down to 0.9mm. The packing fraction for thermoelectric materials enables high heat pumping densities up to 27 W/cm2 at lower operating currents than traditional thermoelectric coolers. 

The compact MBX Series is designed for use in

  • Next-generation LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles
  • Pluggable optical transceivers for telecom
  • Indium Phosphide VCSELs used in various high-performance applications 

The applications for this product series tend to be highly customized requiring unique ceramic substrate materials and thicknesses.

Two solder constructions are available to accommodate reflow temperatures up to 230°C or 280ºC.  MBX is offered in Au-plated pads or wire bondable posts.

Series (Solder Construction)

Model Solder Type Melt Temp
MBX (SnSb) Tin Antimony 232°C
HBX (AuSn) Gold Tin 280°C


Ceramic Materials

Solder Type Thermal Conductivity Option
(ALO) Alum Oxide 24 W/mK F2
(ALN) Alum Nitride 170 W/mK F2N


Surface Finish Options

Solder Type Melt Temp Option
Au plating (Hot/Cold Surface)   GG
Non-Metallized Hot and/or Cold face   11
Pre-tinning Hot and/or Cold face with 118˚C InSn Solder 118˚C 22
Pre-tinning Hot and/or Cold face with 138˚C BiSn Solder 138˚C 33


Lead Attachment

Solder Type Option
Au plated pads W0
Au plated Posts WP


Advanced automation with high precision improves TEC assembly methods and repeatability:

  • Increases performance, (Qc, ∆T)
  • Extends reliability
  • Improves cost structure
  • Packing density increases exponentially from the standard packing fraction of bulk TEMs


dice density

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