Laird Thermal Systems Introduces 5000 Watt Heat Exchanger for Industrial Applications

The LA5000 Series recirculating liquid-to-air heat exchanger offers improved thermal performance maximizing system uptime.

June 6, 2022 – Laird Thermal Systems has expanded its line of water heat exchangers with the introduction of the LA5000 Liquid Cooling System. As a water heat exchanger, the 5000-watt unit offers dependable compact performance while removing large amounts of heat from a liquid circuit. Designed to maximize system uptime, the LA5000 heat exchanger is ideal for immersion cooling and bulk heat removal in particle accelerators, linear accelerators, cyclotrons, semiconductor fabrication equipment, medical X-ray, and industrial X-ray scanners.

The LA5000 is designed to operate above ambient temperatures, eliminating the threat of condensation. The system operates full-time, continually monitoring system liquid levels and notifying users of preventative maintenance to avoid costly failure. A dedicated tank prevents air entrapment within the liquid, stopping air bubbles from getting drawn into the liquid and damaging the pump. The added instrumentation results in a more robust design, and with proper care and maintenance, users can expect over 10,000 hours of continuous, maintenance-free operation.

For improved thermal performance, the LA5000 cooling system uses a higher-performing heat exchanger and a more efficient fan, reducing operating noise and the temperature difference between the liquid and the air by a factor of 2. Coolant is recirculated using a high-pressure pump to ensure maximum flow rate over a wide operating range. Heat from the coolant is dissipated to the surrounding environment using a heat exchanger and fan. Compared to standard liquid chillers that operate below ambient temperatures, the LA5000 liquid cooling system operates above ambient temperatures, at a lower cost. The robust yet compact system is UL Recognized by IEC standards.

“The high reliability and simplicity of this cooling system make it an ideal selection for many industrial applications in need of cooling”, says Greg Ducharme, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. “At one fourth of the cost of a liquid chiller, you would be hard-pressed to find a system this small and quiet that is capable of this high thermal performance.”

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