Liquid Cooling Systems

NRC400 - Next-generation Benchtop Recirculating Chiller

The NRC400 is a next-generation benchtop recirculating chiller that combines advanced thermoelectric cooling technology with high-performance heat exchangers to deliver 400 watts of cooling power while achieving temperature stability of ±0.05°C.

Precise Thermal Management for Additive Manufacturing

Laser, electron beam optics and power source for 3D printing systems must be thermally protected to ensure maximum performance and long operational lifetime. The compact Nextreme Performance Chiller platform offers a higher coefficient of performance and deliver precise temperature control for all parts of a 3D printing machine. 

Liquid Cooling for X-ray Scanning Equipment

Industrial X-ray equipment generate a large amount of heat that needs to be quickly dissipated to ensure maximum performance and system uptime. With the ability to cool to near ambient temperatures, even at high heat loads, the LA5000 is ideal for cooling industrial x-ray applications. 

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Thermoelectric Chillers for Semiconductor Metrology & Inspection Systems

The complex semiconductor fabrication requires multiple tests between processing steps to inspect defects as well as measure dimensional properties. Automated optical inspection systems require a thermal solution to dissipate waste heat and keep imaging sensors at a very precise temperature control well below ambient. Thermoelectric-based recirculating chillers provide the temperature stabilization, low pulsation and high reliability needed.

Liquid Cooling for X-ray Scanning Equipment

Industrial X-ray equipment can generate several kilowatts of heat during operation, which needs to be dissipated to ensure maximum performance and long-life operation. With the ability to transfer large amounts of heat within confined spaces, liquid cooling is the preferred thermal management solution for X-ray equipment.

Nextreme Thermoelectric Chiller for Biotech Research

Digital microscopes utilize CCD or CMOS sensor-based cameras to capture high resolution images of microstructures. A thermal solution is required to remove waste heat and maintain very precise temperature control of imaging sensors. Thermoelectric chillers in combination with thermoelectric coolers minimize thermal noise in imaging sensors to achieve maximum image resolution.

Nextreme Thermoelectric Chiller for Low Power Lasers

Temperature stabilization is key to maintaining peak performance for any industrial laser system. With a cooling capacity of up to 400 Watts and a temperature stability to within ±0.05°C of the set point temperature, the NRC400 Nextreme Performance Chiller is ideal for cooling low-power laser applications. 

Thermoelectric Coolers for Projection Lasers

Temperature control in high-power laser projectors is critical to ensure proper functionality, long life operation and crisp image projection. Not only can chillers provide a cooling solution for many projectors, but ambient liquid systems with thermoelectric coolers offer simplified spot-cooling to provide superior temperature stabilization that maintains peak performance of the laser. 

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