PowerCycling PCX Series

Tested to withstand rigorous cycle testing based on latest PCR industry test protocol

The PowerCycling PCX Series is a high-performance thermoelectric cooler that uses an enhanced module construction to provide long life operation in thermal cycling applications. It is ideal for molecular diagnostics where fast temperature ramp rates are required while maintaining precise temperature with minimal gradient. This product line has been qualified to withstand harsh thermal cycle testing based on latest PCR qualification standards without degradation to performance. PCX thermoelectric coolers are assembled with next generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling performance over standard product offerings.

Read PowerCycling PCX Series Test Protocol


  • High thermal cycling capability
  • Precise temperature control
  • Solid-state operation
  • Boosted performance with next-gen material
  • RoHS-compliant

Finishing Options*

  • TA - Lapped / Lapped
  • TB - Lapped / Lapped
  • 11 - Lapped / Lapped

Sealing Option*

  • RT - RTV

* If the thermoelectric cooler with your required finishing and sealing options is not available from the list below, use either the [Request Quote] button or [Contact Tech Support] button for ordering options.

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