Point of Care Testing


Point of care testing allows medical staff to perform real-time testing in the doctor’s office or at home. This contrasts with traditional medical laboratory testing that needs to be shipped out to a central testing center and take days to get results. Bringing testing and diagnosing closer to the patient is all an effort to improve healthcare. 

Temperature stability within the point of care testing device is the key to achieve reliable results. Because conductivity varies when blood temperature changes, blood sample’s temperature must be accurately controlled.

Thermoelectric Cooling

Standard thermoelectric devices are commonly used to cool optical components and systems found in a five-part hematology analyzer. Thermoelectrics provide precise temperature control in a compact form factor for point of care testing devices. Their solid-state construction provides long life and low maintenance resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Find CP Series, HiTemp ETX Series Thermoelectric Coolers and Tunnel Series Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies.


Real-time PCR Testing

Point of care applications like real-time PCR testing require a more sophisticated solution to precisely manage various set point temperatures and ramp rates. The PowerCycling PCX thermoelectric cooler is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of thermal cycles, providing precise temperature control and faster ramp rates for real-time PCR testing. 

Find PowerCycling PCX Series or read our application note Modern Thermoelectrics Designed for Point of Care Testing (POCT).